Source Profile: Samba TV – EMARKETER

Samba TV redefines TV as a dynamic gateway to understanding audiences at their core. Its comprehensive analysis covers linear, streaming, and advertising landscapes, shedding light on evolving TV consumption patterns and their significance for advertisers. The availability of real-time data distinguishes Samba TV, offering swift access to viewership insights conducive to agile adjustments in cross-screen advertising. By harnessing first-party data from a vast network sourced from millions of opted-in televisions spanning across 20+ brands and 100+ countries, Samba TV delivers a comprehensive view of the consumer journey and enables precise audience targeting, optimizing campaign impact.

We value Samba TV’s tools and insights necessary to refine strategies, maximize ROI, and navigate the complexities of modern media landscapes with confidence.
Adhering to the industry standards, Samba TV employs its extensive proprietary data set to forecast household-level TV viewership. This process utilizes a meticulously balanced and weighted research panel. With this, marketers can unlock the full potential of Samba TV’s data for managing audience reach, frequency, and retargeting across various formats.

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