Top Summit County chefs battled in a ‘Chopped,’ Food Network-style competition for charity. Here’s who won.

Chefs work on their creations during the FIRC Night Out event styled after popular culinary shows.
Priscilla Magdalena/Courtesy photo

The Family and Intercultural Resource Center raised $137,400 during its culinary showdown fundraiser June 20 at The Maggie in Breckenridge.

The showdown featured local chefs from restaurants including Aurum, Bistro North, Sauce Family of Restaurants, Rootstalk, and Breckenridge Mountain Dining. 

Rootstalk won the competition by creatively incorporating five mystery ingredients commonly found in the food market: jalapeños, bananas, chicken thighs, cucumbers and tomatoes.

The Family and Intercultural Resource Center said the funds raised by the event will help serve 12,000 Summit County workers and families.

The nonprofit has been seeing increasing need from low-income residents who are struggling to afford necessities in Summit County, according to past Summit Daily News reports.

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