Senator Marshall on Fox Business: The Democrats are in Free Fall

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined The Evening Edit on Fox Business to discuss a Democratic Party in free fall following Joe Biden’s disastrous debate with President Trump. Senator Marshall also discussed calls from Democrats and the media for Joe Biden to step down, as well as growing momentum for President Trump and Republicans’ policies. 

You may click HERE or on the link above to watch the full interview. 

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On Democrats in Free Fall: 

“President Trump nailed it – the Democrats are in free fall. Kamala actually polls lower than Sleepy Joe, and the reason is because Americans are rejecting their policies. The Democrats have become this radical, big government, Progressive party and Americans are rejecting that. You don’t hear the Democrats ever talk about securing the border, what are they going to do to get the price of gasoline and groceries down.”

“And then here today, you talk about their credibility, they’ve lost their credibility. Two or three days ago, the leadership and the Democrats are saying it’s Joe Biden or bust, it’s only Joe Biden. But today they’re saying, ‘well, maybe we better sort through this a little bit.’”

“There’s been a big change of tone up here in DC today, it looks like a morgue – when the Democrats come out of their meetings, it looks like a morgue, and our job right now is just to stay out of their circular firing squads.”

On Calls from Democrats and the Media for Joe Biden to Step Aside: 

“The onus is upon Joe Biden to show America that he’s fit to serve. Look, the emperor doesn’t have any clothes. You and I know that, the American public knows that, but the Left media is finally waking up to this, that the emperor has no clothes.”

“I think when the story broke that a physician, that a Parkinson’s doctor, had been to the White House eight times in the past year, really Americans are saying, ‘wait a second, is the White House lying to us about this?’ If they’re lying about this, what else are they lying to us about? So I think you nailed it right at the start of the show. They are in free fall right now.”

On Growing Momentum for President Trump and Republicans’ Policies: 

“It’s great that the Republicans have stayed beside their candidate through thick and thin. Meanwhile, the Democrats are ready to push Uncle Joe off the cliff. The polling that you’re showing here, President Trump’s numbers are pulling Republicans in these swing states in the right direction as well.”

“We feel very optimistic that we’re going to flip the Senate, and hopefully get President Trump a Republican Senate, a Republican House, that way we can extend the Trump Tax Cuts. Look, the Democrats want to raise your taxes. President Trump and the Republicans want to lower your taxes. We want to secure the border, we want to make sure that we get the price of gas and groceries down. What are the Democrats talking about? Anything but securing the border, anything except law and order, and nothing about getting the price of gasoline down. Indeed, the Democrats are in free fall right now.”

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