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Prost, Mathilde! beer can, designed by Amy Marczewski. Image courtesy of Torzala Brewing Co. and Wizard Works Brewing.

“Prost, Mathilde!” beer can, designed by Amy Marczewski. Image courtesy of Torzala Brewing Co. and Wizard Works Brewing.

Blood, sweat, tears and…trash?

The women of Torzala Brewing Co. and Wizard Works Brewing are putting it all into their collaborative release, “Prost, Mathilde!” which honors civil rights trailblazer Mathilde Anneke.

The new brew, a traditional altbier, is made with hops grown in composted “old, sexist” beer posters — a Women’s History Month initiative led by Miller Brewing Company.

According to a news release, the brewery collected the offensive ads and recycled them into nutrient-rich soil, which was then used by Gooding Farms, a woman-owned hop farm in Idaho, to grow Idaho Gem hops.

The hops were later distributed among female brewers through the Pink Boots Society.

Tricia Torzala, Renée Martinez and Jenny Higgins took it from there, using the feminism-infused flowers to bring depth to their collaborative beer, which features a toasty aroma, malty and slightly roasty flavor profile, balanced bitterness, and a slightly hazy appearance.

The trio, who plans to release the beer on Saturday, July 13, said they saw the project as “an opportunity to “highlight the diversity within today’s brewing community” and “bring awareness to a historically significant woman from Milwaukee’s past.”

Born in 1817 in what was then the kingdom of Prussia, Anneke was a lifelong advocate for women’s suffrage and gender equality. She is remembered as a lecturer, educator, journalist, writer and newspaper editor, and is credited with co-founding one of the first feminist newspapers in the United States, “Die Deutsche Frauen-Zeitung,” while residing in Milwaukee.

She also united with the likes of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and fought in favor of abolitionist and social justice causes.

The trio found inspiration in that legacy.

“Embracing Mathilde’s spirit, character, even-temperament, and robust leadership style while fighting for women’s rights, inspired the design of the beer,” the brewers wrote in a news release. “In honor of her memory, and to be an inspiration to others today, this beer was solely designed, brewed and branded by women.”

The brewers also noted that the timing of the release, which falls immediately before the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee, was intentional.

“With today’s version of the RNC stopping by soon and with women’s rights being under attack, this collaboration was seen as a moment to encourage and empower women who are seeing their own personal liberties being taken away from them.”

Release parties for “Prost, Mathilde!” will be held July 13 at Wizard Works, 231 E. Buffalo St., at noon and at Torzala, 2018 S. 1st St. at 3 p.m.

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