Chinatown spot named home of Illinois’ best fried chicken in Yelp list – NBC Chicago

Fried chicken may be known across the United States as a staple of southern cuisine, but the delectable soul food item can be found all across the country, with different styles and methods providing a lot of unique ways to enjoy the dish.

A recent Yelp list aimed to single out the best fried chicken joints in the country, analyzing reviews from restaurants nationwide and eventually singling out one restaurant from each state with the best rendition of fried chicken.

When it came to Illinois, a state known for a rich history in chicken ranging from numerous Harold’s locations to small eateries like Dell Rhea Chicken Basket in Willowbrook, the best fried chicken comes from a place you may not expect it to, according to Yelp.

Illinois’ best fried chicken can be found at Hello Jasmine, located in Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood, Yelp’s list said.

Also known for offering Taiwanese dishes and bubble tea, with the restaurant’s fried chicken consistently earning rave reviews.

As for nearby Midwestern states, Shani’s Secret Chicken in Indianapolis took home the honors for Indiana, while Butterbird was named the home of Wisconsin’s best fried chicken.

A full list from Yelp of the best fried chicken in each state can be found here.

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