How Venus Entering Leo Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope On July 11, 2024

As the planet of love shifts into Leo on Thursday, July 11, you will experience a bigger love. Not only bringing about greater generosity, desire, excitement and even expression, but also a tad of drama as well. 

Venus in Leo loves the big show, and whether it’s planning a special night for your partner or even confronting a potential betrayal, we can expect that drama will be involved. Instead of only focusing on the potential challenges, it’s important to understand Venus in Leo helps you go after what you want with the courage and conviction that you can actually achieve it, making this one of the most potent seasons for romance all year.

Here’s each zodiac sign’s love horoscope on July 11, 2024.


Let yourself move confidently toward the new love in your life, dear Aries. As much as you’ve been having to tie up loose ends, get matters from the past settled, and even dive into your own healing – you deserve your own happy beginning. 

This love has forever written all over it, and whether it’s planning just an evening out or finally opening up about your true intentions, it’s time to make your move.

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You may find that you must be more courageous in healing some of your past wounds, Taurus. While embracing the present moment and opportunities for connection matter, how you interpret these events will come down largely to your own healing.

Try to be proactive when it comes to confronting past issues, or even in choosing to react differently. By healing what has occurred in the past, you will be able to experience a deeper sense of togetherness with your partner.

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Communication will figure heavily into your romantic connection today, dear Gemini. You are one of the zodiac signs that rule Mercury, the planet of communication, so talking isn’t something that feels foreign to you, yet sharing your emotions sometimes does. 

Today’s idea is to embrace Leo’s courage and let yourself become more expressive so that your partner knows exactly how you feel about them. When you leave less room for assumptions, you can finally experience a better relationship.

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Self-worth feels like a theme that has already arisen recently for you, Cancer, but it is also one that you will continue to have to focus on. This idea of self-worth means that not only do you know what you deserve, but you are also able to set boundaries and advocate for your needs and even how you want to be treated. You must put yourself first, and you also need to start being clearer with your partner so they understand that you are no longer willing to accept less.

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This is a beautiful time for love, Leo, so long as you don’t let your ego steal the show. You should be feeling on top of the world, beautiful, confident, and so full of self-love that you allow yourself to make whatever moves resonate with your heart. 

But you should be wary of only following what looks good or even those relationships that appeal solely to your ego. Make sure whatever you do genuinely feels good to your soul, regardless of how it looks.

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Your intuition is beginning to come to life, Virgo, and it will help you improve your romantic relationship. During this time, you will feel a reconnection with your inner self and even the dreams you’ve had for your romantic life. 

Not only will you be showing up for love more authentically, but you will also be in the perfect space for that divine meeting of a soul connection – like a soulmate or twin flame. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities and believe in love’s magic again.

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There is a strong focus on support in your relationship now, dear Libra. But it’s one that it seems you’re not necessarily bringing to your partner’s attention. You crave a deeply connected relationship where your partner can be your rock. 

This energy is demonstrated in the emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual support of yourself, your journey and even your dreams. Instead of just wishing your partner would change or be able to read your mind about what you need – stand up and ask for it. By being bold in pursuing what you need, you will also be able to gain greater clarity with this connection.

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You already know you are one of a kind, Scorpio, yet it seems like you’re still waiting for someone special to see that. You can’t wait around hoping someone will see your value or even choose you, so you have permission to feel good about yourself. In most cases, while this is part of childhood healing, it also comes down to learning how to choose yourself. Once you do, you set a new standard for love and your entire life.

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You need to be careful, Sagittarius, with whatever decisions you are making now. While you could be taking your current relationship in a new direction or even traveling with your partner – you might also start to get antsy. 

This desire for something new, or even something exciting, could propel you to make choices you may not be happy with in the long run. The best idea is to try to fulfill that desire for adventure with your partner – rather than by yourself or even with someone new.

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Intimacy can have many meanings, Capricorn, but it’s up to you to decide what you most need. As you crave a deeper and more expressive romantic connection, you can’t expect it just to happen. 

Instead, take matters into your own hands and open up spaces for long talks, more physical closeness and even opportunities for quality time. Whatever you desire, you can create, but you need to take the time to work for it.

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Love will be the central focus in your life, Aquarius, but it may also involve making some hard decisions. You tend to be fairly diplomatic, and rather than airing toward the side of the dramatic, you retreat when situations get difficult. But all that is changing. You must confront the truth in your romantic life. 

Whether this is honoring your feelings and letting someone know how in love you are or finally letting out that pent-up frustration. The truth is coming out; you just need to prepare for it. 

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There’s nothing wrong with being a little more focused on yourself, Pisces, especially as so much is developing in your romantic life. While you may be focusing on matters of work and creating balance in your life, you may also find more joy right now in processing recent events. 

This doesn’t mean anything is wrong in your relationship; instead, you are taking time to take care of yourself before this new phase of your relationship begins.

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