Philadelphia Phillies Star Supports Sixers’ Key Addition

It seems that Philadelphia Phillies player Nick Castellanos is happy with the Philadelphia 76ers’ latest addition rocking the same number as him.

Earlier this week, Sixers wing Paul George revealed that he would change his number on his new team. Next season, George will wear No. 8 for the 76ers.

Castellanos, who wears No. 8 for the Phillies, showed support for Philly’s newest star on Tuesday.

Over the last couple of seasons, there’s been a lot of crossover with the Sixers and the Phillies — with each team’s stars supporting the other stars. Castellanos keeps the trend going.

Paul George lands in Philly following a five-year run with the LA Clippers. After a 74-game effort, along with a first-round playoff appearance, George and the Clippers met for a final time and decided that a separation was necessary as they couldn’t agree to terms on a new contract.

The Sixers weren’t alone in George’s market. Prior to hitting free agency, George kicked around the idea of potentially re-signing with the Clippers just to be traded to the Golden State Warriors. Those talks fell through, leaving George to take his free agency into his own hands.

The Orlando Magic and the Sixers were expected to get a meeting with George. Philly ended up getting George to agree to join the team on a multi-year deal.

Now, the Sixers have one of the most intriguing groups of stars in the NBA, as George joins the MVP center Joel Embiid and the first-time All-Star, Tyrese Maxey.

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