NBA finalizes new TV deals; when will the NFL follow suit?

It’s official. Reportedly.

The NBA has cashed in with a $76 billion TV rights package over the next 11 years, with ESPN, NBC, and Amazon in the mix, per multiple reports.

And it’s just a matter of time before the NFL follows suit.

The current NFL TV deals run through 2033. The league, however, can pull the plug after the 2029 season. Surely, it will.

The bigger question is whether the NFL will try to work something out even sooner, perhaps with an 18th game.

Or maybe a 19th.

Or maybe a 20th.

An 18-game season is imminent. Nineteen or even 20 seems inevitable. Could the league make a major push to 20 games now, using that as the spark for a massive increase in TV rights?

Probably not. But with the potential of a $14 billion antitrust judgment looming, now is as good a time as any to get creative when it comes to getting paid. And if the NBA is worth $76 billion, how many more billions could the NFL finagle?

With 20 regular-season games, a lot more.

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