The top 8 best fighting game deals in the Steam Summer Sale to hurry up and get before the discounts end very soon

The Summer weather is certainly heating up across the western hemisphere right now, but the time for hot video game deals are already about to come to an end for the time being.

With the Steam Summer Sale set to close up shop in less than a day, we’re highlighting the top 8 best fighting game deals to pick up before that sign gets flipped to closed and everything goes back to regular pricing.

There are over 100 fighters and accompanying DLC up for grabs, which we’ve already covered when it started if you wish to see the full list too we compiled.

The savings are set to end tomorrow, July 11, at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET, so let’s not waste any time and get into the deals.

Tekken 8 currently has its best PC sale yet marking the base game down 43% to $39.89 with the Ultimate Edition down 30% from $110 to $76.

Those on console can still save even more in the United States with Tekken 8 being offered for as low as $35 for a limited time.

Going even cheaper, Capcom currently has all major editions of Street Fighter 6 going for 50% off right after celebrating its first anniversary.

That means the base version is just $30, the Deluxe Edition is $42.50 and the Ultimate Edition is $52.49 though don’t go expecting that Year 2 Character Pass to go on sale any time soon.

Rounding out the big three that came out in the past year, Mortal Kombat 1 is down a whopping 60% on Steam for the game and its DLC pack.

That means you can pick up MK1 for $28, the Premium Edition for $44 and the Kombat Pack 1 for $16 for those who already had the title.

With Season 3 now a wrap, now is a great time to jump into Guilty Gear Strive since the base game and all DLC packs are currently on sale.

Strive by itself is $20 while the Daredevil Edition containing the game and all 3 Season Passes is $60. The first 2 Season Passes are also 50% off while the Season 3 Pass is 30% off at $17.50.

With the addition of the rollback netcode update earlier this year, now is a great time to hop into Dragon Ball FighterZ at a deep discount.

The base DBFZ is just $9.60 and FighterZ Edition is going for $14.40 while the rest of the DLC is marked down 50–72% as well.

Although there’s another exciting compilation on the way with the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection, there’s more great arcade classics to pick up for cheap in the meantime.

You can get the first Capcom Fighting Collection for just $16 or in a bundle containing the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for $19.80 for a couple dozen great titles.

Speaking of MvC, it’s a really good time to get the ones already on PC for very cheap, especially with all of the community mods like the promising-looking Infinite and Beyond mod.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is just $7.50 while Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is only $8 or $12 for the Deluxe Edition with the added characters.

Although it got a bit overshadowed by coming out the same time as Tekken 8, Under Night In-Birth II (Sys:Celes) is still a great fighter to pick up and currently has its first big sale ahead of Uzuki dropping as its initial DLC character.

The base version of UNI2 is 50% off at just $25 while the Deluxe Edition containing the Season Pass is $42.

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