The new Women of Mayowood exhibit gives tourists a deeper dive into the history of the lives of women at the Mayowood Mansion – ABC 6 News

Tours of the Women of Mayowood exhibit will take place on July 13th and 14th.

(ABC 6 News) — A new tour of the Mayowood Mansion is taking visitors on a deeper dive into the history of the lives of women at Mayowood.

On Wednesday evening, ABC 6 News anchor Robin Wolfram got a chance to sit down with Molli Funk and Dan Nowakowski, who are part of the organizational team for the tour and the Women of Mayowood exhibit.

The two of them discussed the new tours which are set to take place on Saturday, July 13th, and Sunday, July 14th. The tours are 75 minutes long, and on Saturday, tours will begin at 10 AM while tours begin at 11 AM on Sunday. The final tour will take place at 4 PM on each day.

“We found that the women who lived and worked at the home were influential with the Mayo Clinic, with what happened at the home, and had a really rich history in their own lives,” said Funk. “It’s exciting to be able to share this work with the public.”

The tour features artifacts, clothing, and photos from the era, including articles from Alice Mayo, who was amongst the second generation to live in the home.

For more information about the tour and the Mayowood Mansion, click here.

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