Team USA’s Grant Hill Explains Derrick White Pick over Jaylen Brown amid Kawhi Injury

Team USA men’s managing director Grant Hill said the selection of Boston Celtics guard Derrick White was made entirely for basketball-related purposes after the United States was forced to replace Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard.

“You have to build a team. And one of the hardest things is leaving people off the roster that I’m a fan of, that I look forward to watching throughout the season, throughout the playoffs,” Hill told reporters Wednesday.

“Guys who’ve been Finals MVP, guys who have been a part of the program, guys who’ve won gold medals. Guys who I respect, admire and enjoy watching. But the responsibility that I have is to put together a team and a team that complements each other.”

Celtics star Jaylen Brown seemingly didn’t hide his disappointment at being overlooked in favor of his Celtics teammate and insinuated Nike may have influenced USA Basketball’s decision:

Hill denied that was the case:

This article will be updated soon to provide more information and analysis.

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