‘Claim to Fame’ Season 3: See Every Clue Revealed About Each Contestant After Week 1 (RECAP) | ABC, Claim to Fame, EG, Slideshow, Television | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

A new season of Claim to Fame is here and the first episode just premiered!

The reality competition on ABC returned on Wednesday night (July 10), with the first contestant already having been eliminated, but this time, it wasn’t as dramatic as last season.

While the show airs weekly on Wednesday nights, we’re going to be keeping tabs on all of the clues for each celebrity relative in the competition, and we will have it all compiled into a post each week for easy reference!

There were 11 contestants at the start of the season, but not every competitor has the same amount of clues revealed each episode, with some getting one clue revealed, and others getting multiple.

Find out all of the clues revealed about each celebrity relative, so far, after the first episode of Claim to Fame season three…

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