5 NEW Exercises We Would Love to See At the CrossFit Games

In exactly 28 days the 2024 CrossFit Games will begin for elite individuals and teams. While no one knows what will be programmed at the Games, we can hope for something new, right? So check out what the editors at BOXROX believe would be great new exercises never-seen before to feature at the CrossFit Games.

Note: not that all these exercises should feature at the 2024 CrossFit Games, but it is a good indicative that new exercises can be programmed into the workouts. Maybe one of these could appear? Fingers crossed.

Ok, before we get into the 5 new exercises we would love to see at the CrossFit Games, you might be wondering that we already know one of them: Chad 1000x. Sure, the workout was revealed, but as Dave Castro said it himself, “there will be a little twist.”

man performs kettlebell workout with single kettlebell
How about the traditional kettlebell swing with a (literal) twist?

So yes, in truth, nobody knows what events will be programmed at the CrossFit Games. And while we can assume a few obvious exercises will be there – I’m looking at you handstand push-up and muscle-up – there is a part of us that wants to see something exciting. And what could be more exciting than seeing a new exercise featured at the biggest stage of all to crown the Fittest on Earth?

So here is BOXROX attempt at giving ideas to Dave Castro and the people at CrossFit HQ for now exercises that we would love to see at the CrossFit Games.

Criteria for these exercises to have been chosen.

While there are many exercises that have not been featured, there are still some criteria we would like to follow to come up with the ideas you will see below.

  1. It should be a functional exercise
  2. It can be a twist on an already familiar movement that adds a new layer to unpredictability – remember when instead of double-unders, the CrossFit Games feature double-under crossover?
  3. Should be an exercise that is manageable for judges to see it throughout and give correct “no reps” in case needed
  4. Less important, but it should also be fun to watch

And there you have it, the criteria for the new exercises that we would love to be featured at the CrossFit Games.

5 NEW Exercises We Would Love to See At the CrossFit Games

1. Cross-Body Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swing with a twist, literally. This exercise, first brought to our attention by Adam Sinicki, or “The Bioneer,” will target rotation power and the obliques, a muscle that is mostly not taken into consideration when we think about CrossFit Games as the limiting factor.

This is basically a kettlebell swing, but instead of sending the kettlebell in between your legs, you move it side to side, lifting as high as your eye sight, twisting your torso to make the kettlebell move seamlessly from right to left.

The cross-body kettlebell swing is an easy exercise, with an equipment everyone is familiar with that also rarely gets the attention it deserves, and applies a twist on top of it as we can safely assume that no one who is going to the Games have trained for this exercise.

2. Trapeze exits

Trapeze exits could be featured at the CrossFit Games as it already has made waves in Russia in 2021 during the Siberian Showdown, a sanctioned CrossFit event that occurred in November that year.

The workout consisted of:

  • 50 handstand push-ups
  • 25 trapeze exits
  • 75 med ball throws 9/6
  • 25 shuttle running with box jumping 60/50
  • 50 deadlifts 110/75

Time cap: 14 minutes

But what are trapeze exits? The trapeze exits are similar to bar muscle-ups. However, athletes are required to do the bar muscle-up on a movable bar that simulates a trapeze. And yes, the trapeze is common in the circus.

from 3:55:35.

This extra “movable” bar adds a whole different difficulty to the exercise. Judges are already familiar with the bar muscle-up and this is an easy change to make when programming the CrossFit Games.

And if you think this is not going to make a huge difference for CrossFit athletes, you should know that only 6 out of 29 athletes managed to complete the entire workout before the time cap at the Siberian Showdown. At the end of the event, there was still one athlete who was trying to finish the trapeze exits.

So…. Maybe it really is difficult even though it looks the same?

3. Devil press

Now let’s calm ourselves a little bit and say the name of an exercise that is functional and have been part of some CrossFit WODs but has not been featured at the Games for not reason at all: devil press.

It already has one of the most hated exercises to human kind, the burpee, and adding weight to it with the dumbbell snatch, but using two dumbbells. I mean, who doesn’t want to see elite athletes getting completely roasted during a workout? This should be one of the exercises programmed into an event.

It is easy to judge as you need to touch the ground with your chest to count as a burpee and you need full arm extension, without touching the dumbbells on your shoulders, to count as a snatch. Combine them, and you have the dumbbell snatch.

4. Single-Leg Burpee

Speaking of one of the most hated exercises of human kind, why not make the burpee extra difficult and annoying for athletes? We present you the single-leg burpee.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. The athlete would perform a burpee on one leg only.

This exercise would add some instability to athletes and dynamic. However, it could be difficult to be judged. Possibly touching both feet on the ground during any part of the movement would count as a “no rep”, and that can be difficult to spot.

Also, burpees usually don’t come by themselves to be judged. In this case, we would have to add an obstacle to jump over after each burpee to count as a rep, to make it easier for judges. So, how about a single-leg burpee over barbell? And then utilise the barbell for part of the exercise later?

To be able to add single-leg burpees to a CrossFit Games event, it would have to be performed by one leg only, then a barbell movement, and then finished with the other leg only. This is possibly the only way we can think of to make single-leg burpees a thing at the CrossFit Games in the future.

5. One-Arm Push-Up or Pull-Up

And since we are on the topic of using only one side of your body to perform a typical exercise, how about push-ups or pull-ups?

CrossFit athletes are known for kipping their pull-ups, since it creates momentum and makes each rep happen faster. But what about doing a pull-up with only one arm? Could that be possible?

One way to judge this would be to have the chin come above the bar to count as one rep.

What about push-ups with only one arm? Well, it might be harder to come down to the standards of the exercise.

However, in both ideas of one-arm exercise sounds great because the public could finally be able to see how strong these athletes are compared to themselves. Most people back home don’t understand how challenging it is to do a muscle-up. But everyone has tried to do a one-arm push-up or at least knows how difficult it is to pull-up with only one arm.

What did you think of our picks for exercises we would love to see at the CrossFit Games?

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