Vulnerable women find help and healing at vocational center

Burkina Faso (MNN) — According to the UN, Burkina Faso faces an “unprecedented humanitarian crisis,” with drought-related issues and armed terrorist groups ravaging villages.

Today, though, Christian World Outreach has something to celebrate in Burkina Faso. CWO’s Greg Yoder says, “This year, 35 graduates passed the national exam that they have to take, which is way higher than the national average.”

Young women apply to CWO’s Village of Opportunity program to learn a vocation like sewing or cosmetology. “A lot of them start their own little business when they go back to their villages, or they can find a job; that impacts their whole family,” Yoder says.

“If they come from a poor village, they can supply income for their family back there.”

The fashion show at the Village of Opportunity graduation is the highlight of the day! Here the model in the center is showing the dress the sewing graduate in white made and her hair was done by the cosmetology graduate in blue. What beautiful women!
(Photo, caption courtesy of CWO)

Graduates leave the program with a lot more than life skills. The curriculum includes Gospel hope, and believers on staff share Christlike compassion. This loving environment helps many students deal with past trauma.

“Some girls are coming from villages that are being attacked” by radicals, Yoder says.

“(They need) to deal with that (trauma) when they come (to Village of Opportunity) so they can go back to their village and be a positive influence.”

Pray for local leaders as they review applications and make decisions for the next group coming in September.

“We’re completing a building for culinary classes, especially for our young ladies from the capitol (Ouagadougou),” Yoder says.

“We’re excited about that (and) praying that that building would be ready for this coming school year.”



Header and story images courtesy of Christian World Outreach.

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