Instagram influencer Betty Fung on Macau’s food culture and how cooking aids well-being

Meet Betty Fung, a culinary force in Macau’s vibrant gastronomic scene. As the founder of Café Bonbon, owner and head chef of the newly opened restaurant LanovaB, and a recognised Disciples Escoffier Macau Ambassador, Fung has made her mark with her exquisite French desserts and fusion cuisine.

Building on her kitchen skills honed at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris, she has become a noted foodie and influencer, sharing her passion for food and her glamorous lifestyle with a devoted following on Instagram and on its Chinese equivalent, Xiaohongshu.

We chat to the chef about her approach to wellness, how she combines it with her passion for cooking, and how she manages to strike a balance between work and life while wearing so many hats.

Running multiple businesses while being a public figure must be demanding. How do you find balance and manage stress?

I make sure to prioritise my wellness routine. I also try to maintain a healthy work-life separation as much as possible. Even on my busiest days, my self-care practices help me stay focused and energised.

Could you describe your typical routine for maintaining physical and mental health?

I always start the day with a nourishing breakfast made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Throughout my workday, I make sure to take regular breaks to stretch, meditate or step outside for some fresh air, and I enjoy taking my dog outside for a walk. I find these pauses are essential for maintaining my focus and energy.

Hiking, being in nature and getting fresh air are key to Fung’s wellness routine. In Macau one of the best trails to do so is the Coloane hiking trail, which leads to a barbecue site and the Hac Sac Beach.

What role does food play in your personal life, outside the professional kitchen?

I enjoy cooking nourishing meals at home. Sharing meals with friends and family is a cherished part of my lifestyle: food helps me unwind and find balance outside work.

Do you have hobbies or activities that help you unwind and recharge?

I enjoy hiking and spending time in nature. Reading is also very meditative and restorative.

I enjoy eating at nice restaurants when I have the time, as it allows me to experience food through a different lens and get inspired. These activities let me step away from the demands of running my businesses, and recharge my mind and body.

How do your personal wellness practices influence your approach to cooking?

Wellness is a key priority for me so it greatly influences my approach to cooking and menu development at LanovaB. My goal is to create dishes that are both delicious and nourishing, using fresh, whole foods.

Health in a pan: fresh broccoli spears being sautéed. Photo: Getty Images

What specific ingredients or cooking techniques do you find particularly beneficial for your well-being?

I incorporate certain ingredients into the menu based on their health benefits. For example, I use lots of fresh vegetables, lean proteins and fresh herbs because they are so nutritious.

I also favour slow cooking methods, such as using a slow cooker or braising, which help preserve nutrients.

Roasting vegetables, meats and fish at moderate temperatures – 200 degrees Celsius – helps retain more nutrients compared to high-heat cooking methods too.

Macau is gaining reputation for its culinary heritage. Photo: Getty Images

How important is it for you to connect with Macau’s local food culture and community?

Understanding and honouring Macau’s unique food heritage is central to the identity and success of my restaurant, so I make a real effort to immerse myself in the local culinary traditions and build relationships with local business owners and purveyors. This connection to the community provides a source of inspiration and fulfilment.

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