The Team Fortress 2 Community Is Shocked To Find The Official Comic Series Is Not Abandoned

The Team Fortress 2 community just keeps winning recently, with a massive campaign to solve the bot problem actually seeing some quantifiable results and now an incredible revelation that the amazing side-narrative to the team based shooter is actually receiving a new chapter.

The Team Fortress 2 comic series served as a way to expand the madcap world of gravel and guns, with a serialised narrative that took place over six giant issues. It was separate from the Update comics, that often introduced new mechanics and fun to be had in game – the official storyline was more akin to a ridiculous ongoing adventure that had bugger all to do with the actual game, apart from sharing its characters.

It sorta ended on a cliff-hanger with TF Comics #6: “The Naked and the Dead”, with the Administrator having dosed herself up on lifesaving Australium to become a dangerous youthful version of herself. The final panel even had the bold print of TO BE CONCLUDED stamped on it, so players who had followed the bonkers story were keen to see what came next.

The main problem? That issue released on January 10, 2017. And there has been nothing since.

So, in true Team Fortress 2 fashion – the community decided to take matters into their own hands and write (and draw) their own ending. Maybe Valve would like it enough to make it canon. Maybe it would be a fitting end to the whole thing.

So they reached out to a Valve writer named Jay Pinkerton to check what he thought of the whole thing, and to see if he wanted to give his blessing.

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Only, Jay pointed out a small problem. The comic is actually script-complete, with art already underway.

To say people are excited is an understatement. Given the recent spate of positive news for the Team Fortress 2 enjoyers, I am starting to get concerned that those crazy mercs may actually end up living forever.

If overdosing on hopium in this way leads to good news in the end, then damn it – let the people hope. The only bummer from the whole thing is that a whole crew of talented people were ready to get to work and smash out an amazing community driven comic, and now they are sort of stuck. But, being the TF2 community – that motivation won’t go to waste.

As for when the comic might drop – who knows. The fact that art is being made for it suggests that it’s in a good state of progression, so really all people can do is keep an eye on the website and wait for a promising update.

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Are you keen to see how it all ends? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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