DHL Express to place two B777F with China’s Central Airlines

DHL Express signed a letter of intent with Chinese airline, Central Airlines, planning to hand over two DHL B777 freighters to the carrier for operation. This will be the first time that DHL Express has handed over its fleet aircraft to a domestic cargo airline for maintenance and operation.

Wu Dongming, CEO of DHL Express China, said: “The signing of the LOI is an important milestone in the process of establishing a partnership and promoting the agreement between the two parties. It is also another important measure for DHL Express to invest in and deepen the Chinese market and establish and deepen partnerships with domestic companies. The cooperation with Central Airlines will further consolidate our international cargo route capacity from China to overseas, while providing more convenience and higher timeliness for domestic companies to ‘go global’.”

The DHL B777 freighter to be delivered for operation in the future will be painted with the dual livery of DHL and Central Airlines.

Hou Xingfan, Chairman of Central Airlines, said: “We are very pleased to establish a partnership with DHL Express and are full of expectations and confidence in the prospects of cooperation between the two parties. The B777 freighter model matches the future development plan of Central Airlines. After these two freighters join Central, through our efficient and safe management system and operation capabilities, they will provide stronger business support for the development of DHL Express’s business in China, and make positive contributions to promoting cross-border e-commerce to empower industrial belts and promote the efficient “going global” of Chinese supply chains and brands.”

Travis Cobb, Executive Vice President of Global Network Operations and Aviation Business of DHL Express, added: “China is not only the world’s factory, but also a global market. It has always been the largest shipping country on DHL Express’s North American trans-Pacific trade route and the largest trading partner of Europe. The partnership with Central Airlines is part of our long-term investment in routes in China. Through long-term investment, we will continue to develop new routes, improve route flexibility and continuously optimize our aviation network.”

Zhongzhou Airlines has now put into operation more than 10 B737F and B777F freighters and opened more than 40 domestic and international cargo routes.

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