Navigating a minefield of Americanisms with Meghan Markle!

Prince Harry recently revealed that starting a relationship with Meghan Markle was like walking a minefield, thanks to their cultural differences. In a lighthearted Q&A on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Harry shared that he “got into a lot of trouble” with Meghan when they first started dating.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who first connected over Instagram and later met on a ‘blind date’ at Soho House in London, encountered a few bumps in the road due to their transatlantic backgrounds. Harry humorously recalled some of the linguistic misunderstandings that tripped them up in the early days of their relationship.

One particularly funny moment came when Harry tried to explain his favorite sandwich to Colbert. He described a cheese and ham toastie with Dijon mustard, which led to some confusion.

Harry had to clarify that a “toastie” is known in the U.S. as a “grilled sandwich” or something made in a “panini press.” This minor difference in terminology was just one example of the cultural barriers they faced.

Harry is full of funny stories

“I have to be so careful with these questions as the Americanisms to Britishisms is very different,”Harry explained. “It got me and my wife into a lot of trouble in the beginning of our relationship.” He shared that the word “fanny” was particularly troublesome, as it means bottom in America but something much more intimate in the UK.

The audience roared with laughter as Harry joked about other differences, like “BAH-sil” versus “BAY-sil” for basil, and his bemusement over “sidewalk” instead of “pavement” and “horseback riding” instead of just “horse riding.” “Where else are you going to ride the horse,” he quipped, mimicking someone trying to ride a horse’s belly, which he predicted would “instantly become a meme.”

In addition to sharing these amusing anecdotes, Harry also answered some fun personal questions. He revealed that his favorite action movie is Gladiator, and when asked if he preferred a window or aisle seat, he cheekily replied “cockpit.”

The prince knows how to mix his serious side with his fun side

The Duke of Sussex also admitted that one thing he should really throw out is his ripped boxer shorts and that he would like to be reincarnated as an elephant. When asked what animal he feared the most, Harry said snakes, then looked down at the floor to check, prompting more laughter.

Harry ended the Q&A on a sweet note, saying his favorite smell is Meghan and describing his future in five words: “freedom, happiness, clarity, space, and love.”

Prince Harry’s humorous tales and candid admissions offered a delightful glimpse into the unique challenges and funny moments of his life, proving once again that even royalty isn’t immune to the occasional cultural mix-up.

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