Mariah May Wins The 2024 Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament

The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Final!

Mariah May (with AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm & Luther the Butler)!

Willow was looking for her version of the Doctor Bomb but Mariah May grabbed the ropes. Willow chopped Mariah May and then wiped out Mariah with a shoulder tackle. Mariah retaliated with a dropkick. 

Mariah May dropkicked Willow in the spine. Willow blocked a kick from Mariah and then followed up with a cannonball off the apron and down onto Mariah on the arena floor! Mariah regained momentum with a dropkick from the top rope. Mariah May smashed Willow with a hip attack and then a DDT for a near fall on Willow!

Willow planted Mariah with a spinebuster out of nowhere. Mariah fought her way out of a sharpshooter attempt. Mariah cracked Willow with a running uppercut in the corner. Mariah wiped out Willow with a hurracanrana for a near fall!

Willow avoided a knee strike. Willow blasted Mariah with a fisherman’s bomb for a near fall. Willow went for the pounce, but Mariah countered with a headbutt at the right time, right place! 

Someone with a Sting sweatshirt jumped onto the apron and tried to distract Willow. As this was transpiring, Toni jumped on the apron on the other side of the ring. Toni distracted the referee. 

Kris Statlander ambushed Willow with a pump kick! The person in the Sting sweatshirt revealed themselves to be Stokley Hathaway, and he and Kris Statlander ran to the back, laughing the entire way!

“The official didn’t see it,” said Nigel.

“Toni Storm, perhaps providing the intervention that Mariah May needed, and Kris Statlander proving the kick to the head that Mariah May needed,” replied Excalibur.

Mariah May nailed Willow with a running knee strike! Willow kicked out at the two-count! Mariah was looking for May Day, but Willow escaped. Mariah rolled up Willow with a cradle, but Willow escaped the pin attempt! 

Mariah May hit a lariat on Willow for a two-count! Willow splashed Mariah with a cannonball in the corner! Willow hoisted up Mariah in the center of the ring, looking for the Death Valley Driver, but Mariah countered with a roll up and pinned Willow!

“Mariah May will face her mentor ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm for her AEW Women’s World Championship, Sunday, August 25th, at All In: London!” said Excalibur. 

After the match, Mariah May took the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Title Belt and smashed it into Toni Storm’s head! Mariah May whipped Toni Storm with the belt! Luther tried to stop Mariah May but Mariah May nailed Luther with a belt shot!

“What the hell is wrong with Mariah May?” asked a stunned Excalibur.

“She has snapped!” replied Tony Schiavone. 

“Has she snapped, or has she been playing us all along?!” exclaimed Excalibur.

Toni Storm was busted wide open, blood gushing from her forehead. Mariah May knocked Luther off the stage and sent him crashing through a table on the floor! Mariah May bludgeoned Toni Storm with Toni’s high heel shoe! The referees tried to stop Mariah May, and Mariah May shoved referee Aubrey Edwards to the floor!

“It’s the end of an affair,” said Nigel.

“This is despicable,” added Excalibur.

“Ungodly,” replied Tony Schiavone. 

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