Find User ID in Once Human to Get Twitch Drops, Character not Found Explained

11 July 2024, 01:57

If you want to get Twitch drops, you will have to find User ID in Once Human. We will tell you where to look. Morover, let’s talk about „character not found” issue.

Source: Once Human; developer: Starry Studio


Once Human is a new hit among survival games on Steam. It has one big advantage over the most of other titles in this genre – it is free to play. Because of that many players decided to give OH a chance. Of course, developers try to attract gamers not only by an attractive price. They also offer Twitch drops. However, to claim them, you will need your user ID. Let’s find it together.

How to Find User ID in Once Human to Get Twitch Drops

It is not a surprise that many people don’t know their user IDs, as they are quite well hidden. If you want to find your own, you should look at the bottom left corner of the screen. There you can find a UID number. It is what you are looking for. It is best done in your inventory, as User ID on the main screen is quite illegible because it is just below the chat.

Knowing this, now you can connect your Twitch account with your Once Human account (of course, you will have to give your server’s ID, too). Remember that only selected streamers take part in the event, not all. You will be able to collect your Twitch rewards from in-game email.

Character not Found in Once Human

It seems that for some people linking the accounts does not work, showing “character not found” error. Make sure that you give a proper server name and write good numbers. If it still does not work, it may be connected with switching servers or creating more than one character, as these were the problem from the beginning and developers made a quick hotfix to that. Try to input the name of the other server you have played on. If it does not work, you need to report the problem and wait for the fix.

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