How to Find Corn in Once Human

Corn is an essential component early game for fishing, and it can be difficult to find. Here’s how to farm corn fast in Once Human.

How to Find and Farm Corn Fast in Once Human

Corn serves two primary purposes in Once Human. You can plant it and save yourself the trouble of constantly hunting down animals, and you can use it to craft bait to go fishing. And since fishing is one of the seasonal party events, it’s a great idea to have as much bait on you as possible.

But finding corn can be difficult unless you know where to go. Fortunately, there’s one farm in the Dayton Wastelands that has no shortage of it. This farm is located at the coordinates (7738, -5738), and you can find it by simply following the road on the east coast. It’s right across from Cape Manor, which is marked on your map.

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Naturally, you can expect your fair share of Deviant at this micro farm. Especially within the field itself, you’ll find several Spiders which you should kill before you start gathering. But once they’re dead, you’re free to forage a dozen corn per visit, along with around five seeds.

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Corn, like most vegetables, will take several in-game days to grow from seed to producing stock. But it’s well worth the effort to have a convenient source of it on your property for whenever you want to go fishing. I highly recommend building a base near the ocean or another body of water. If you’re close to the ocean, you’ll also have an unlimited source of salt, which can be used to air dry the fish, giving you a non-decaying source of food. The only downside is that jerkies will dehydrate you, so keep your water stores high.

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