French Legend Slams ‘Unworthy’ Real Madrid Star Kylian Mbappe

Real Madrid star Kylian Mbappe has been slammed for being an “unworthy captain” by France and Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit.

Didier Deschamps’ Les Bleus outfit was sent home from the Euros on Tuesday after losing 2-1 to FC Barcelona prodigy Lamine Yamal’s Spain side in the semifinals.

Post-match, Mbappe admitted he had been a “failure” at the tournament in Germany where he was mostly ineffective and scored just one goal from the penalty spot in the group phase.

“My competition? It was difficult,” Mbappe confessed at a press conference. “It was a failure. We had the ambition to be European champions; I had the ambition to be European champion. We aren’t that, so it’s a failure.

“It’s football. We have to move on. It’s been a long year. I’m going to go on holiday and get some rest — that’ll do me a lot of good, and I’ll try and come back strongly.”

While Mbappe earned some plaudits for being so self-critical and holding his hands up, Petit laid into him on RMC in the French media by saying: “For me he is not a good captain after the signals he has sent after taking office, (which were) almost forced.”

“The statements towards his teammates, for example, when he said that good balls did not reach him, that he did not want (Paul) Pogba in his team or that (Antoine) Griezmann was not having a good Euro… Is it the role of captain to point out the failures of his teammates? comrades?”

“And then, excuse me, all the fuss around the mask after his breaking his nose. Who cares! He’s not the first player to play with a broken nose, he won’t be the last,” Petit continued raging.

“He demanded a lot of things to have this armband, and for me he didn’t have leadership either on or off the field. At no time did I see him harangue his teammates.”

Not done yet, Petit noted that, “When you play one game out of two with PSG in the last six months, you have a lot of time to prepare physically, but I remember his statements before the European Championship, where he said that I care more about my mental strength than my physical strength.

“He was failing, physically he was failing and in his role as captain he was also failing. For me he was an unworthy captain,” Petit concluded.

Now that the Euros are out of the way, Mbappe will be presented as PSG’s latest Galactico at the Bernabeu on July 16.

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