There’s gaming merch, and then there is this Elden Ring book that costs over $1000

Gaming merch is big business. From tat such as keychains to desk accessories such as Funko Pops of Mortal Kombat characters, you can generally express your love for your favorite gaming characters and universes by adding some real-world objects into your life.

Occasionally, certain items of merch stand out not just because of how cool they are, but also because their cost is north of some people’s pay packets. We had things like the official Fallout backpack the other month alongside Fallout blue light glasses – it seems like no sector is immune from having a gaming franchise dropped unceremoniously on it.

More traditional are books. Books about games and books celebrating games are nothing new. Books costing over $1000 however, that’s a new one on us.

To be fair, it looks amazing – and this is also the highest priced of the editions, more of that in a moment.

The book in question is called Grace Given: The Mythology of Elden Ring and is written by Elden Ring lore expert Geough “SmoughTown” Truscott and is more of a collectible piece of art rather than a 50 Shades of Grey type paperback.

“Prepare for a comprehensive deep dive into the mythology underpinning Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece.

Grace Given draws design inspiration from the most prized sacred books of antiquity, culminating in a product that is both a work of scholarship and an unparalleled collectible art piece in the same package.”

So says the blurb on the pre-order page. For your £860, $1000 you get free shipping (cough, thanks) a version of the audiobook and ebook, and a ‘Grace of Gold’ collectible art print, hand-signed and numbered by artist Shimhaq, housed in foil-blocked custom envelope as well as your name as a Benefactor name credit in the back of Grace Given, including any editions released going forward.

The Benefactor edition is only available until 10th August but if you miss out, or can’t afford it there is a Collector’s Edition costing £215 or a nicer, leather-bound Limited Edition, but that will set you back some £602 British pounds.

Have a look for yourself and hit me up on X if you buy one.

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