BioWare Wants Dragon Age: The Veilguard Players to Find Out for Themselves Whether It Has Full Nudity

BioWare games feature implied nudity and sex scenes, as fans of the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age know well, but it sounds like upcoming action role-playing game Dragon Age: The Veilguard will take BioWare romance to a whole new level.

Game Informer confirmed topless nudity in the Dragon Age: The Veilguard character creator, which lets players customize their version of protagonist Rook. Veilguard game director Corrine Busche wouldn’t go as far as to confirm that this also means topless nudity features elsewhere in the game, but it very much sounds like that’s what players can expect. “This is a mature RPG,” Busche teased.

BioWare remained tight-lipped when asked if Dragon Age: The Veilguard also features “bottom nudity”, insisting it wants fans to find out for themselves, no doubt in romance scenes with the various party members.

There are obvious parallels to be made between The Veilguard and last year’s critical darling Baldur’s Gate 3. The latter became known not only for its deep romances (like in The Veilguard, Baldur’s Gate 3 player characters can romance any companion regardless of gender or race), but also for its sex scenes, including one involving a Wild-Shaping Druid that went viral.

Speaking to IGN last month, Busche said how sexually explicit the scenes are varies between characters. “Some of them are more spicy than others,” she said. “Just like real life, our companions have such diverse personalities. Some of them are more physical, more aggressive, and some of them are more… we have a gentleman necromancer, for instance, that is more intimate and sensual.”

BioWare has confirmed that The Veilguard will let you play as a human, elf, dwarf, or qunari. There are seven companions:

Veilguard launches 10 years after the third game in the series, Inquisition, came out, and 15 years after the first game, Origins. Last month BioWare fully revealed Veilguard alongside its new name, with new info on the character creator and an extended look at gameplay. As part of our Summer Game Fest coverage, we were able to learn a lot about how The Veilguard will handle romance and player choice.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard is currently slated to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC in fall 2024.

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