The Brightlands AgriTech Event to take place on October 8

On Tuesday, October 8, the Brightlands AgriTech Event will take place for the first time at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. Discover the latest AgriTech innovations: from drones and sensors integrated with cutting-edge robotics to future data science analyses and the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

The program includes presentations, themed discussions, and workshops. There will be a mega hackathon where students tackle challenges from companies, while an innovation tour allows participants to explore the campus. For example, visit the brand new high-tech greenhouse of the Brightlands Future Farming Institute, where Maastricht University is conducting research starting September 1.

According to Janou van de Vorst, project manager at the Brightlands AI Academy in Venlo, AgriTech is the key to addressing the major challenges in the agri and food sector. “Global transitions such as climate change, increasing resource scarcity, and an aging population significantly impact agriculture and horticulture. These developments are forcing these sectors to rapidly become smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient. New technologies enable increased productivity, reduced environmental impact, and help tackle the shortage of skilled personnel. At Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, we are proud to provide a platform for these innovations.”

Integrated cultivation
At the Brightlands AgriTech Event, several stages will feature companies that are pioneers in the field of crop optimization, automation & robotics, data & AI and green engineering. For example, BASF | Nunhems will present its ‘integrated cultivation’ concept, which merges the knowledge of crop growers with advanced technology and new scientific insights. This approach results in a stable, robust and reproducible data-driven strategy for developing reliable varieties, profitable concepts, and sustainable solutions.

Blueberries and precision nipples
The Limburg-based machine builder FineField has developed a picking robot for the efficient harvesting of blueberries, resultingin reduced berry loss, fewer bruised berries, and a decreased need for pickers. Tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere will showcase their latest innovation: special nipples that allow for the targeted application of fertilizer and/or crop protection only where it is truly needed. Supply Chain Valley and Pharox will introduce the digital product passport, a passport that accompanies a product throughout its journey in the supply chain, providing key data and information about its origin.

Janou: “This is just a glimpse of the many companies that will be featured during the Brightlands AgriTech Event.”

According to Janou, this event is essential for entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, and students who want to be challenged in the field of AgriTech. It provides valuable insights and knowledge, along with opportunities to network with like-minded professionals and pioneers from both inside and outside the agrifood sector. Technology, she emphasizes,is industry-independent. “It is all about making smart connections to widely deploy new techniques. Innovating together across sectors is crucial for survival.”


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