Elden Ring’s mythology is being collected in one massive, expensive, beautiful book

Elden Ring’s lore can be pretty tough to wrap your head around. Rune-bearers, frenzied flames, those glowy worm things that have faces that look like they’re in a permanent state of perpetual shock. There’s a lot to unwrap, but if you want to read through it all, then Tune & Fairweather are putting together a book for you.

Grace Given: The Mythology of Elden Ring is 500+ pages of lore written by Geoff “SmoughTown” Truscott. It’s filled with art including everything from full-colour illustrations to woodblock designs. Sadly, it costs an incredible amount of money to buy.

The basic Collector’s Edition will run you $276, the Limited Edition then costs a whopping $773, and the Benefactor’s Edition goes even higher at $1105. But, for that price your name will be placed in the book, immortalised as the Tarnished you are.

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Elden Ring

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