36 Gadgets You’ll Love So Much You’ll Make All Your Friends Buy Them, Too

Check out a TikTok of the laptop power bank in action. 

It’s compatible with MacBooks, Dells, XPS, iPads and other tablets, iPhones, Samsung phones, Apple watch, AirPods, and even your Nintendo Switch!

Promising review: “So far, this has been the best power bank (of the five that I have) in terms of flexibility and power specs. I’ve used it now for a little over two weeks to charge my MacBook pro, Surface Laptop, S22 Ultra, and S7+ tablet. I appreciate the fact that I can charge my laptop, cellphone, and tablet simultaneously. I also like the digital display (assuming it’s accurate, which it seems to be). I travel a lot and rely on power banks to keep my devices running when I’m working in the car, at the airport, or in the hotel. While the unit is relatively slim, it is rather wide but still slides easily into both my backpack and briefcase. Assuming it holds up, this will be replacing my other smaller power banks that I carry in a relatively compact format. Overall, I like it very much and am considering buying a second for my wife.” —Walt

Get it from Amazon for $69.98. 

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