Where Can I Watch Love Island USA Season 6? Answered

Love Island USA Season 6 is well underway, with more couples vying to find love and/or a big cash prize. But how can you tune in? Here’s where you can watch Love Island USA Season 6.

Here’s Where to Watch Love Island USA Season 6

You can watch Love Island USA Season 6 on streaming service Peacock. The first few seasons went out live on CBS but that’s since stopped.

That also means paying for Peacock, at $5.99 a month for Premium or $11.99 for Premium Plus, with no ads. If you subscribe you’ll have access to Love Island USA Season 4 and 5, all previous Season 6 episodes and many, many other shows and movies. Our favorite might have to be Southern Charm, which has officially announced its Season 10 release date. But if you’re hoping for more harem-like dramas like The Bachelorette (which just aired and isn’t even in the iconic mansion), you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Episodes of Love Island USA Season 6 air at 6 PT PT time and 9 PM EST, every day except Wednesday and the finale is set to air on July 21.

Here’s Where to Watch Outside the US

If you’re outside the United States, you have a couple of options for watching Love Island USA Season 6. You can use a VPN to fool Peacock into thinking you’re in the US, bypassing its region-blocking and subscribe that way, though it may also require a US credit card.

Alternatively, if you’re prepared to wait, Love Island USA Season 6 should eventually make its way to free-to-view services around the globe. ITVX in the UK has Love Island USA Season 5 right now, but given that the show is made by ITV Entertainment, it’ll be coming to that service at some point.

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