Prince Harry Waiting to Unleash Explosive Addition to ‘Spare

Prince Harry‘s Spare was a blockbuster tell-all about the royal family. The Duke of Sussex left no stone unturned while revealing intimate details about the House of Windsor. Now, Harry is reportedly waiting to unleash an explosive addition to the book, says a royal commentator. The question is when he will do it and what is left for him to say?

Will Prince Harry unleash more royal secrets in a ‘Spare’ sequel?

Daniela Elser of discussed a story published by The Spectator, which she says makes a “very good point.” It reads, “It has been rumored that (Harry) and his ghostwriter have been waiting to include new and sensational material to galvanize sales to those who live for the scandal and outrage,” Elser writes.

The royal commentator notes that since its first hit bookshelves, Spare has never been released in paperback. She wonders if Harry plans to…

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